How We Alert You

Every time you sign in to our systems, or acknowledge a reminder email, we reset your timer to the current date. Once a day our systems check your timer and the days to wait field of your messages. If you have any messages approaching their send date, we notify you with an email that contains a special link you can click on to reset your timer.

A smaller days to wait value for a message means more frequent notifications. We send you notifications according to the following schedule.

Days Before Message Due Applies to
1 All messages
3 Messages with 7 days to wait or more
7 Messages with 14 Days to Wait or more
14 Messages with 30 days to wait or more

For example, if you create a message on October 9th with a days to wait setting of 30, the message send date is November 8th. We’ll send you alert notifications on the following days:

Date Alert
October 25 14 days before message send date
November 1 7 days before message send date
November 5 3 days before message send date
November 7 1 day before message send date

This assumes that you don’t acknowledge any of the alerts in order to reset your timer. As soon as you acknowledge by clicking the link in the notification or by signing in to your account, we reset your timer and establish a new notification schedule.