Automatic Acknowledgement

The standard way to provide life acknowledgement to Last Landing is to sign in to our systems or to click the link in our reminder emails. This resets your timer and establishes a new notification schedule. As long as you continue to respond, your messages remain idle, that is, they are not sent to your recipients.

Auto Acknowledgement Using Twitter

Instead of responding to our reminder messages, you can use your normal Twitter activity to provide acknowledgement to Last Landing. It works like this:

If you sign up with Twitter, we monitor that Twitter account. If you don't sign up with Twitter you can still use this feature by entering the Twitter account name that you want us to monitor.

If you post on Twitter fairly regularly, this feature will keep your timer up to date without you needing to do anything. Just tweet as usual, and we'll take that as a sign that you're still with us.

If you enable this feature, it does not change how we check your timer. You still get reminder emails if a message send date is approaching and we haven't heard from you. This feature simply provides a convienent way to keep your timer up date automatically.