What We Do

Our service is for people who want to make sure that any vital wishes or information they possess gets into the right hands in the event of their disappearance, death or other reason that prevents them from being able to communicate.

Should something unexpected happen to you, your friends and family might not know right away. With our service, you can make sure that the right people are notified with important information such as instructions to come and feed your cat, last wishes, greetings from beyond, location of documents, passwords to accounts or services, etc.

How it Works

We’re a sort of digital dead man’s switch. But instead of stopping the train when the conductor falls down or dies, if you stop responding, we send out messages that you prepare in advance to the people you specify.

In order to check in on you, we send you reminder messages. If you acknowledge our reminder messages, we reset your countdown timer to zero, and nothing more happens until the timer reaches a certain point again. If you don’t respond in time, your messages begin to go out to your recipients.

Those are the basics. Check the rest of the docs for more.